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For Parents of Infants, Toddlers, and Preschool Students:


Learn easy, fun ways to strengthen your child’s ability to use and comprehend gestures, facial expressions, and words in the course of your normal everyday routines.


Partial list of topics


  • Impact of early communication skills on later development

  • Value and importance of unstructured play

  • Enjoyable ways to build vocabulary

  • Why teaching reading too early has a boomerang effect

  • How to enhance language skills through playfulness



For Parents of Grade School Students


How well your child learns to read—and how much he enjoys reading—will seal his fate in school and have an enormous impact on the quality of his life. Learn simple “secrets” that will help your child become a skilled, avid, lifelong reader.


Partial list of topics:

  • Why it is easier to raise a reader than you may realize

  • How children learn to read

  • When early does and doesn’t matter in the reading process

  • Which popular ideas about children and reading are myths

  • How to help your child get the best out of technology



For Parents of Struggling and Reluctant Readers


Learning to read is a challenging process—and even more difficult for children with a reading problem. But studies show that all children can become excellent, enthusiastic readers if given the right kind of support at home and in school.


Partial list of topics:

  • Why some children find learning to read a struggle

  • Why parental support at home is critical

  • How to turn on your turned-off reader

  • Simple strategies that increase fluency and word recognition

  • How to motivate your child to practice reading at home



For Teachers, Librarians, School Administrators


Learn effective ways to update a wide range of parents about their vital role in language development before and after children start school by using vivid, accessible language, scientific facts, dynamic props, and engaging hands-on demonstrations.


Partial list of topics:

  • Definition of literacy in the 21st century

  • What new research tell us about the reading process

  • Which popular ideas about reading are myths

  • Underlying reason for children’s disinterest in reading

  • How busy parents can encourage talking, listening, reading, writing skills at home


Words Open the World

In my lectures, I provide an update on recent scientific research, explain key underlying ideas, realistically address the challenges of family life, and demonstrate easy-to-do, enjoyable strategies that expand communication skills and ignite a passion for books and reading in children from infancy through grade school​.


"The author’s enthusiastic philosophy is worth every parent’s consideration."

                              - Library Journal

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